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    FIFA21 Extra National Teams Patch 6.0

    Hello paul2008me123, with the french version i found some stuffs to corrected : - Lebanon is called "Al Fayha" instead of "Liban" - Korea DPR is called "Al Hazem" instead of "Corée du Nord" - A lot of fake players from Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia in Free Agents - Jay Jay Okocha still free agent XD...
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    FIFA21 Extra National Teams Patch 6.0

    Hello ! Wonderful mod, congrats ! I saw some weird things : With French language : Some bad translations : "Congo" démocratique" to "République Démocratique du Congo" or "R.D. Congo" or "Rép. Dém. Congo" "Corée" to "Corée du Sud" "Jordan" to "Jordanie" "L'Iran" to "Iran" "Koweit" to "Koweït"...
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    FIFA21 Extra National Teams Patch 6.0

    hey @paul2008me123 first of all congrats for the mod and thank you to be active on Fifa 21 :D Any chance to see your mod compacompatible with French language ? PEACE
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    EEP 21

    Thanks for making the game (finally) playable ! Let's go for a career mod ! These transfers are not up-to-date btw : Jesé -> Free Agents Ben Arfa -> Bordeaux Benat -> MacArthur Welbeck -> Brighton PEACE
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    Rest of Europe

    Exciting project ! Good luck to you. (Y) 1/ Do you planned to add other wonderkids ? (Michut, Mejbri, Unuvar...etc) 2/ Do you planned to bring back some deleted players ? (Quintero, Zaracho, Félix Correia...) 3/ Do you planned to add missing players ? (players from another leagues) 4/ All...
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    EEP Lite

    Hello @SlimOntario2033, Thank you to be one the first active modder for Fifa 21, we all appreciate your work that you have been doing for a few years. (Y) There are my observations for the next updates : (lite or complete version) - Ben Arfa is no more a free agent, he's playing for Bordeaux...
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    EEP Season 20/21

    Hello @SlimOntario2033, quick question : After the installation, could I keep my created players with this mod ? Thank in advance :)
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    Hello everyone ! Could I keep my created players with this mod ? Thank in advance :)
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    FIFA Faster Launching

    Good to know, thanks !
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    2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Patch - FIFA16,18 or Official Game

    First, congrats to you Robbie for being so patient all over the years on this project. It's rare to see a mod like this. I try to test it but I think my game don't "activate" the mod... A tutorial can be made, please ? I don't usually use i68... Thank you !