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    A-League issues

    Just wondering how do i assign a player as a 'designated player' or a marquee player? thanks for the help in advanced :)
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    Tweaking League Rules

    Hello all, how do i tweak league rules for leagues in FM2008 using data editor or other programs? thanks :)
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    Sig Request

    Could someone please be kind enough to make a Perth Glory sig for me here are some player pics i would like thrown in there. oh and if i have posted in the wrong place could the mods move it into a thread or forum where appropriate. cheers.
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    Colours Of Football

    I like the site but they haven't updated since the 20th of July. :o I would like to contribute but how do i go about it? :o cheers (Y)
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    Game Mixes This is a good site by people who have remixed classic game songs from many platforms and consoles.
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    Loading/Saving CM4

    when i want to load my game and even save it it takes 10 minutes to load and 30 to save! What effects this? Is it because i have 4 years worth of data that it is trying to process to save/load? I have a pIII 667 :p that has 512MB ram and 120GB + 13GB HDD is it hardware or the game? cheers :D
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    Clean up SGO

    Yes this may be a contradiction from me by some people but i really think that SGO needs to be cleaned up! When i was banned for being and idiot fellow posters bitched and carried on about me and now SGO is a farce. I try and continue posting in SGO in good faith but it is stupid, clean up all...
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    World Series Cricket

    I was thinking and as the VB series is a decendant of the WSC of the 1970s it should be called the VB World Series. What do you guys think of that? I liked the name of the world series, it actually means that some parts of the world play!
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    Help with EP5

    Hello i am a little confused with which EP5 pack to get. Should i d/l the EP5 pack that is 14.5MB or the other EP5 pack that is 44.5MB The 14.5MB pack is called EP5 (no data) please help me on this!
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    New here but help needed

    I am new to the CM series but before i buy it i wanted to know what is the latest game of it? Is CM4 the latest?
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    Can someone make me a cool sig?

    can anyone make me a cool sig of me? and my beloved Perth Glory? Thank you :)
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    He served his country

    Pede54 served his country well in the name of mini kits. Well done and good luck in the future of kit making! From everyone!
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    dream team request

    Sounds interesting, I would like to see the finished results
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    Why do we keep going back to FIFA?....

    THey do sort of cheat and the sort of deliever to the consumers as well. They market a great game that is easy to play with great graphics but little things like physics and chants and stuff like that are what fall way short.
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    Dirty Kits

    No i doubt they will have mud on the kits for FIFA2004, there was talk about having it for 2003 but they scrapped it.