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    SG's WC2014 ***Fantasy League***

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    Brasil 2014 Kick Off

    Eight years ago, I was here uploading video highlights of all the games for everyone to enjoy. Now World Cup is back and within the next few minutes, it's the first game. Wish everyone enjoys this beautiful event. Don't forget to play Fantasy Football and Score Predictor at
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    2018 world cup bid

    2018 host: Russia 2022 host: Qatar
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    2018 world cup bid

    Al Jazeera Sport: England & (Netherlands - Belgium) OUT
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    2018 world cup bid

    Al Jazeera Sport: the voting reached the 3rd Phase (USA - QATAR)
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    2018 world cup bid

    I like 2018: Russia 2022: Australia Expected 2018: England 2022:Qatar
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    English Premier League Fantasy League

    Hello guys, after playing the prediction league of the world cup, I thought we may still continue playing but this time a fantasy league game of the EPL. I created two leagues at, both are called Soccer Club Manager: 1st: Classic league where the overall score is ranked...
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    2018/2022 bids

    Why Qatar ? I think they are not qualified enough to host it. 1. Very high temperature during world cup 40+c 2. Very weak national team 3. Small population .. must expect many empty seats 4. Not enough stadiums
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    2018/2022 bids

    no idea I think Spain can host it all
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    2018/2022 bids

    Was reading about it at wikipedia & thought I would start a thread about it here to know your opinion about the bids & which nation do you think deserves to host the event 2018 and 2022 bids: Belgium/Netherlands England Russia Spain/Portugal United States only 2022 bids: Australia...
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    World Cup 2010 PL - 3rd Place & Final

    Thank you man for managing the league during the tournament .. hope we play more leagues soon especially fantasy leagues (Y)
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    Germany - Argentina world cup matches?

    Sweden 1958: West Germany 3 – 1 Argentina Rahn 32', 79' Seeler 42' England 1966: Argentina 0 – 0 West Germany West Germany 1974: Argentina 1 – 1 East Germany Houseman 20' Streich 14' Mexico 1986: Argentina 3 – 2 West Germany Brown 23' Valdano 55' Burruchaga...
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    2010 fifa world cup south africa awards

    really happy for Mueller
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    2010 FIFA World Cup Final: Netherlands v. Spain [P/R]

    Puyol, and Xavi are celebrating with Catalunya flag
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    2010 FIFA World Cup Final: Netherlands v. Spain [P/R]

    Iniesta is FIFA man of the match WORST REFEREE IS HOWARD WEBB