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    Daaaytttooonna USA

    Ever wondered who did the music for Sega's Daytona USA game? <object height="355" width="425"> <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" height="355" width="425"></object> doot doo doot doo doot doo doot doo doo doo...
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    Newcastle v Portsmouth

    Anyone watching this game? If not watch it. 4 goals in 15 minutes, Portsmouth leading 3-1 at St. James Park. Incredible game, 30 yard screamer from Pamarot at the 8 minute mark, followed by another Benjani special 30 seconds later.
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    Kolo Toure plays Pro Evo fast forward to 2:28 apparently Adebayor and Henry play the game as well. By the way can someone embed the video into the post. Don't know how to post youtube videos.
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    Quality Player: Alex from Fenerbache

    yep, i know Alex of Fenerbache is a prettty well-known player, but for a price of 4.5 mil poounds, you know you can't miss this deal. Very consistent performer, great free kick, corners + penalties stats, will get you goals and assists. Fits in your team in no time, great AMC or AML, ML. He...
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    Southampton game for you to download (6.03)

    Hi all, I'm enjoying the challenge of managing Southampton in the Championship. The fun is making the right signings at the beginning of the game which could really change your team around. I'm having so much fun and I've decided to upload my game for everyone to enjoy. I'm in midseason xmas...
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    Wigan sign Heskey for... 5.5 million pounds. yes. 5.5 million.

    from Heskey completes Wigan move Emile Heskey has completed a whirlwind round of talks to become the most expensive player in Wigan's history. At 6pm last night Wigan had agreed with Birmingham a £5.5million fee for the striker, and by 1.30pm today the...
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    England vs Jamaica (R)

    Anyone watching the game? 4 nil so far. Lampard Terry Crouch Owen has scored in the last 33 minutes.
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    Hitman Blood Money

    Anyone playing the game? It's pretty good. I've only played the very first hitman game and now this one. Both are very enjoyable. A lot of room for creativity, loads of ways to finish your targets. check out the demo.
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    Soccer AM funny clips: featuring Mourinho slaps Puyol
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    Red Hot Chilli Peppers - how do you rate them?

    I don't know much about Red Hot Chilli Peppers, all I know is they are pretty popular and from the few songs I've heard of they sound pretty good. I never knew they were pretty highly regarded in the industry came across this video any RHCP fans...
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    Congrulations to Boro for advancing in the UEFA Cup

    I'm surprised that no one has really mentioned this in the board. Boro were 2-0 down against Basel in the first leg where they played away. They were able to win the seond leg 4-1 at home to come back 4-3 on aggregate. 90th minute goal. Simply breathtaking stuff. I hope they go all the way...
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    Mourinho Audio Clips!

    found these links from another forum, Liverpool pre-game interview (special appearance by Mick McCarthy) Rollin', rollin', rollin' (After Barca)...
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    From Prison to Premiership: Jamie Lawrence

    Heard about this on net radio. Inspiring read. Has anyone seen him play before? ======================================== fromthe jamaica football federation website. FROM PRISON TO PREMIERSHIP THE LIFE OF JAMIE LAWRENCE By Ron Shillingford WHEN JAMIE Lawrence (pictured) was sentenced to...
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    Need high res. pictures for big poster I stumbled on this while surfing the net. Basically it's a simple program that lets you magnify a regular picture on your computer and print it off on many pages, thus letting you combine it into a huge wall poster. I'm looking for pictures of Cantona...
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    Jose Mourinho on acting, overcoats, and his next signing I liked the last part.