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    FM Screenshot Thread

    GILBERTO!!!!! heh, what is he doing now? coaching position, or just one of those random people?
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    Chelmsford City Succession Game

    Just found this after a long absence from SG. I'll take over for next season, if no-one is in line for it.
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    The Classics

    Bad form. You took four tries to get to Stacy Kiebler. I'm surprised you're showing so much restraint, Bobby.
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    Has the glitter of the top european leagues ruined how people see their own leagues?

    About Koreatown, none of the Koreans in Australia follow the K-League. It's natural that diaspora are less likely to be attracted to second-rate leagues (which they are) than to the top leagues which they have ready access to on TV. Koreans in Korea, on the other hand... they take the K-League...
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    FM Screenshot Thread

    wow, what are the average ratings like? you only did concede 3 goals, but your backline got that terrible rating? Can defenders average over 7?
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    FM Screenshot Thread

    As it should be. But two penalties in 16 mins is tough.
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    Cheap Jerseys?

    award this man the internets.
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    Cheap Jerseys?

    They don't do very good pinstripes, though. The Arsenal away and third don't look as great as the other kits.
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    The Arsenal [2009/2010]

    or five. how do i embed videos? god i feel old
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    best speech ever.

    Ah... the days when even perennial mid-carders like Steiner could cut a decent promo.
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    The "Cristiano Ronaldo's future" saga thread.

    so it's ok if madrid pay an obscene amount for kaka and cronaldo, but it's not if man city do? go **** yourself in the anus platini.
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    FM Screenshot Thread

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    The People's Champions v Manchester City [P|R]

    well done sirs the title is now in our hands, surely
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    The Arsenal [2008|2009]

    Phil Brown was born from Fat Sam's crap.