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    RIP: Jeremy Beadle

    :( RIP Jeremy! :( legend
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    EPL on FSC

    There is no Premiership game on Fox Soccer Channel this Saturday. Is there a reason for this? We've already seen the loss of the early matches (4:30am PT) so I hope this is not following some trend... I know Setanta has good coverage, but still it doubled your choices :)
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    I got booked.

    Ok so I just got back from a tournament. It was the final, and we were winning 3-2 and it was nearing the end. I was playing left mid, but dropping back as left back to sort of defend the last 10 minutes or so out... The ball was bouncing towards the my goal line, and a forward was running...
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    Football 'prematch' playlist

    What's your perfect "pre-match" playlist, if you were to host a party to watch a game, or what you'd expect if you went to someones before a match, or in a fanfest situation... always have to have U2 in their somewhere, and probably Three Lions (if ur english at least) nearing the end of the...
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    England U21 Games

    Is it just me or does the crowd always same to be full of young kids and girls? The sound is always a good lot high pitched than 'normal' crowds... anyone else notice this? :$
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    breaking up with somone

    is horrible :( :(
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    Tornado hits london

    Link very strange...
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    Support\European Help Files\*.*

    Whenever I try and install FIFA 07, I get to 33% and it gets stuck on Support\European Help Files\*.* This also happened with FIFA 06 and the only way I got around it was by trying and trying again and again. I don't know what is going on... If you know why, or anything about this...
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    Who is this?

    the man in the blue... ;)
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    to england supporters...

    As to the not-very important question of should God Save the Queen be the national anthem to Land of Hope and Glory... have England fans actually sung Land of Hope and Glory just as another song yet? I'm not taking a side on which should be the anthem, becuase to be honest they're both...
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    I just saw Muse last night

    and it was amazing.... it was them and The Strokes, so it was surprising that Muse went before The Strokes, but it didn't matter that much because they were simply amazing :rockman: :rockman: :rockman: :rockman: :rockman:
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    You know what angers me...

    Are these people in the United States, who will dismiss football completely. They are so stubborn to not even watch it for five minutes, as they complain how slow and boring it is... then they go and watch baseball. just letting out some frustration
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    To Man United fans and Fulham fans... (tickets?)

    Any idea the best way for us to buy tickets to this game for Fulham Supporters Section in the United States? Thanks
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    Fifa to force an 18-club limit in top euro leagues sepp blatter out please
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    i don't know what it's like on the full version, but anyone agree with me that there is way too much confetti?