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    FIFA 16 Screenshots

    Messi face (Jaw-neck) looks to skinny, but with minor fix will be great (no texture update needed). Neymar simply not, Dani Alvez also skinny. Keylor Navas is so great scan. I must say 85% of faces are great.
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    FIFA 16 News

    Such disscusion (FIFA vs PES) is endless, every one has its own terms to decide, some one like a real simulation, some others like to score a lot of goals easy, but what everyone really are looking for is to have fun, and if some decide for PES, and others decide for FIFA, its fine, but trying...
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    Facegen Model

    Very nice work. Saludos
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    No FIFA 14 NG for PC!

    I have to see the same post every new year, so I really don't care.
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    FIFA 13 Faces by du_oro10

    You have the wrong Modell, download the 12/13 modelset
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    FIFA 13 Faces by du_oro10

    I don't know why mediafire banned my account, plz use deposit files link while I solve that
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    FIFA12 faces + FaceGen

    Check your PM
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    FIFA12 faces + FaceGen

    Maybe you need the 64 bits version
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    FIFA12 faces + FaceGen

    Delete du_oro's meshes and keep FaceUV1's
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    FIFA 13 Faces by du_oro10

    I use Photoshop, Texture Editor 12 (Jor1980) and for hairs 3D Ripper DX, see my first post for complete tutorials I usually search for a player with specific face that looks like my target face and use his face texture for hairs I don't use Blender, but maybe you are not exporting well...
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    RX3 Files Research by du_oro10

    Hi mate, the thing is that: I know that the 16-bits integer is related with the UV mapping, but can't figure that relation couse its not linear so I'm stucked at that point. I hope can give you some news soon
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    darrek1988's textures

    Why just textures?
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    FIFA 13 Faces by du_oro10

    Search the appropriate SlimDX framework
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    [REQ] Need help With Hair

    Looks like the hair_xxxx_texture.rx3 is missed or not load into the game, I don't use RMM, try asking on its forum
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    FIFA12 faces + FaceGen

    Make sure you delete duoros meshes Enviado desde mi X8 usando Tapatalk 2