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    The Hyun Potomac HCL League

    i suppose i'm out since i have 56k? i would enjoy it but i got a slow PC and 56k so :(
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    FM 2005 career topic

    tevez speaks spanish, thats why he wouldnt have a problem settling :P i havent played FM in the last 2 days or so though so nothing new from my side
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    FM 2005 career topic

    ...` milan, 1st season stilll got like +- 10 games left i'm 1st in the league by like 1 point, jvue are 2nd. transfers - in : van der vaart (8m pounds), tevez (6m pounds), hubshmann (4.5m pounds i think), mascherano (maybe around 5m pounds), cavenaghi (8m pounds) and wiese (2.3m...
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    offer u cant refuse...

    well i've jusgt started a new season with milan, with the update. i got van der vaart for 8m pounds and tevez for 6m pounds. i owe both ajax and boca 50% of next sale, AS IF THERE'LL BE A NEXT SALE!!!
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    FM 2005 Patch 5.0.2 + WWSM 2005 Patch 5.0.2

    setting probs are bloody annoying. but whats even more frustrating is starting a new game now :(
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    My Main Problems

    yea its almost like FIFA (4got which one it was) when the AI never used to foul u so u'd get no free kicks and they rarely got carded. my team gets like 3 yellows in as many minutes sometimes and i'm WTF. and the AI hardly ever gets yellow cards. and i only put players who have good tackling...
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    offer u cant refuse...

    i lost in the QF i think it was to Man Poo. i had a 1-0 lead going into the away leg but that f*ckhead cassano got a red card and spoilt my whole match.
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    FM Screenshot Showoff

    i dont cant recall him from my milan game, i'm in my 5th season now
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    Lower Leagues

    my friend won te champions league in his 1st or 2nd season in charge of dinamo kiev in cm 03/04. he also managed sparta prague for like 20 to 25 years or something....
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    Min Req performance?

    i got 256mb ram athlon 750mhz and the game runs satisfactory. loading and saving takes a min or 2 but i can handle that when 'processing' comes up and i just go play around with my tactics and pic my squad. by then its nearly halfway, then i go take a look @ the tv and come back and...
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    FM Screenshot Showoff

    whose stefano bazzo??? o yea i once i had 1st and 2nd in goal of the season in cm 03/04 [edit]crap soz about the repost i though the thign didnt send when i pressed 'stop' i guess 56k is faste rthan i thoguht
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    yea i've seen La Liga highlight baptista is pretty good. i also changed robben with the editor but i didnt start a new game since then so.... tevez is OK but i guess his dribbling should be higher than 15/16 which the highest i ever got him to. gilardino has superb allround stats...
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    thx for the screenie. i expected better tho. he's prolly better for a not-so-big club as milan anyway
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    Ambrosini or Pirlo

    pirlo for a more attacking role. i used to play ambrosini as backup for gattuso
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    how can i make my strikers score.

    yea he's the 1st palyer to complain tho. shevchenko musta be injured for 1/2 of my 1st and 1/2 of my 2nd season in charge. he never moaned, but then he rarely complains about anything. in my 3rd season he won the league for me. he scored like 39 goals in 32 games. 26 in series i think. he...