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    CM15 and Other Tools

    i didn't save :/ what edit? did you can read? i try to import face in fifa, nothing more. only that. but i'm stupid so i click save in cm, what i don't need to do, only regenerate :/ my fifa working, only cm don't work. so the only option is to download fifa revolution mod, put files in the...
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    CM15 and Other Tools

    i just wanna import faces in game. i use default db, i didn't download anything. how to now i download db from internet to fifa 15 online work? can i download default db? because i used that. sorry for be a noob, and bad english
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    CM15 and Other Tools

    Hello. I put my face files in scenassets/face,hair,head... and then i opened cm, uncheck "player have generic face" and i click save. and then my cm freeze, i closed him. and when i open cm, i click open fifa 15, and i always get error. Pls help, i can't import faces in game :/ or if i just...
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    Faces by Spidinho (a.k.a. dinamovac)

    I know for Laporte, i made big mistake with texture :/ and kurzawa is rly bad? it's not looks rly bad for me :/ i need to test how is in game, but cm isn't working for me :/
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    Faces by Spidinho (a.k.a. dinamovac)

    My first face for FIFA 15: Laporte I have error in cm so i can't test in game. And i need to add hair.
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    Facegen Model

    i have problem. when i import obj to blender, i haven't got texture, only black head. and i can't import image to make texture in blender. pls help. i watched tutorial, and i do everything, but it's doesn't work. sry for bad english i will send ss if need.
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    FIP 15 - New Leagues Suggestions

    Croatia 1.HNL. We have 2 clubs in Euro League.
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    Faces by dinamovac

    Images for him are bad, I make him from this picture
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    Base Model Suggestions

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    vojasrbin's Faces

    Please release Domagoj Vida :)
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    Faces by dinamovac

    I'm back! :ewan: Ivan Strinić (without hair)
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    FIFA 14 Manager Faces

    Please make Niko Kovac Btw, can anybody make tutorial how to make face for manager?
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    vojasrbin's Faces

    Please make Alen Halilović.
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    Pawel's Faces

    Please Dinamo Zagreb facepack (Murić and Halilović) release! :)