Segments of the action were flashing into my memory and blurring the sequence of events. She became suddenly naked for some reason, as I recall, but I don’t know how that happened. It seems like she was dressed one moment and naked the next. And then I remember her surrounded by all those half-dressed men? How did that happen? Where the fuck was I? The next thing my brain gave me an image of Tammy lying on the pool table, sucking the dick of a guy who was on his knees, while another guy fucked her. Wow. It was all flashing back to me now. Now I remembered everything.

I slowly moved up to her calf and to the back of her knee, licking and kissing my lovely bride’s delicious skin. Her skin had a slightly odd aroma to it. Like sweat, but much stronger. And the taste was more powerful too. I didn’t care. men, and it was on a pool table? My mind was racing to put the pieces of ass! And she was loving it! I was having a hard time processing these images that were flooding into my head. She was really digging being sandwiched together by two men. There is a name for that, but I could not think what it was called. Wait. I then remembered the guy behind her asking me something. He asked me if it was OK to do what she wanted?

Not possible. That is totally out of character for Tammy, and I certainly would never have allowed it. Wow, what a weird, vivid dream. I might have to find another bottle of that same brand of tequila. Maybe it will give me some more kinky at her foot, kissing her toes, the bottom of her foot and then what she asked? Oh my. She wanted to suck her ass juices off his dick that was buried deep in her butthole. Holy shit. And I said OK. And she did it. And she loved it. Oh wow. Holy shit. But the smell of urine? That was a puzzle. I remember each of those men having their way with her, and a few of them helping her off the pool table.
Apr 1, 1990 (Age: 34)