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    Total graphic patch [MoviesGDB/ScoreboardsGDB/TVLogosGDB]

    La liga scoreboard and ucl + icc have same id scoreboard so we only can choose 1 which scoreboard to install??
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    EEP 22 1.0

    there new update fifa 22, if i update my fifa 22 will my current career mode with eep22 tu8 squad damaged/not support or i can load my career mode normally??
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    Please Help with Vp6

    try windows mode, it work with hd version :browsmiley:
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    Please Help with Vp6

    it work for fifa14 but no audio found on mpeg layer 3 in my case, so i dont know if normal conversion can detect audio/not. if someone make videos with audio mpeg layer 3 detect, maybe you can test in your game new intro + audio work or not
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    Please Help with Vp6

    which windows 10 version you have? i try to install this tools but can't create audiostream.dat and mpeg layer 3 audio not found
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    FIFA Editor Tool for FIFA 22

    anyone know where fifa 22 theme/background location? if fifa editor tool already support exporting, i will try to export that stuff
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    Riesscar’s Modest Mods

    can you share fifa 22 graphic like background/theme, font, etc?
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    Programs & Files [tokke001]

    from fifa 14 to fifa 15, i guess already select it correctly the issue resolved, but looks like the player heads not fit with jersey
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    Programs & Files [tokke001]

    did you have for fifa 15 for this one? i have this issue when try import league in cm15 v21
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    Programs & Files [tokke001]

    it possible to convert fifa 14 generic heads or starheads to fifa 15 with fifa converter? do you know what cause this issues? the faces buggy like this
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    FIFA 22 DBs

    any db update?
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    Programs & Files [tokke001]

    i use female hair option for female player in cm15 v21 but everytimes i save cm15 wihtout or with regen bh and run the game edited women hair it rollback to random men hair like this
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    National Teams Patch for FIFA 22

    you open fifa 22 db/compdata file with cm16? i'm waiting for the tutorial when available
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    Adboards, Balls, Boots, Scoreboards, etc Forum Related Questions and Answers Thread

    previous windows 10 new/old version same not work, but after re-install to version 17134 it work for me in my case after install directx, vcredist/net framework > i run fifa file explorer and app running if not work, i just re-install windows 10 until i can run it