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    ::rap Thread::

    yeah,that sucks... and best rap song? any Drake song >>>>> album? clipse?
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    For all who was cheated

    u are crazy,after 3 years of not even looking at this forum I get a stupid e-mail notification :D damn....time goes quickly :( :clapwap:
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    PES6 Online

    i really dont give a sh!t....:mike:
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    PES2008[PC] online problem :'(

    or try here:
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    Anyone have Premiership Kits 2008 - Vista PC

    maybe here:
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    PES2008 Gamespot Review = 7.0

    pes is garbage...fifa is better this year
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    Please ignore this thread-needed for a draw problem ;)
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    Stadium changes

    where? pes 4? :mrpimp:
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    First impressions

    very nice graphics...i am very happy to have this game... fm08>fm07 for now ;)
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    RuiCosta's Sig Thread

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    RuiCosta's Sig Thread

    (H) who da fcuk are you? bitch get lost.... fcukin kids these days :f***:
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    RuiCosta's Sig Thread

    how about an Udinese signature? bigger than 300x100
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    Petition for "unlicenced teams"!

    if u play the game just because of licence then u are idiot and do not deserve to play it:|