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    A Letter To Chau Le

    First of all, my apology for not replying to you earlier. I would have liked to visit these forums more often but with my ever increasing workload finding it difficult to do so. It's great to know that someone still uses FEd98 and WEd98. It seems a lifetime ago when I did that...
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    Any news about CC 06 ?

    I am on to it :lui:
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    Any news about CC 06 ?

    Hi guys, I am here. And yes, I have started working on CC06. But due to other commitments, I haven't been able to spend as much time on it as I would like to on it. So sit tight and watch this space. And no, I have no idea when it will be finished :( And if the Socceroos beat...
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    Please Chow...

    Chill out Kiv! I was just having a bit of fun with my mate Torontolunx.
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    Please Chow...

    Re: Please Chow... If you spell my name correctly, that might even happen.
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    Any chance to release a new version of CC for UEFA CL 04/05 full? Chau?

    Only if I have time to do it. At the moment, I am concentrating on adding a new feature to the CC. The new feature will be the ability to move your favourite clubs to lower leagues so you can use them in Career mode. The teams can be an existing team in FIFA2005 or an imported one (from...
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    Team Windows Are To Big

    Re: Team Windows Are To Big Can you post a screenshot please? I am interested to see what's going on.
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    It still crash

    Re: It still crash Did you delete the Squads folder and other folders that was created by the previous installation of FIFA?
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    Creation Centre 2005 Fix Released

    You can drag and drop players in the same team to different positions in the main team screen (Roster) as well.
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    Creation Centre 2005 Fix Released

    Have you got a copy of FIFA 2005 installed properly?
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    Creation Centre 2005 Fix Released

    Re: CC05 new version problem What toolbar are you talking about? The toolbar at the top of the window? Can you attach a screenshot to show me what the problem is? BTW, try right-click on the title bar at the bottom of the screen where it says "Creation Centre 2005". That would bring...
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    Creation Centre 2005 Fix Released

    Click the Details button to reveal more info on the crash. Take a screenshot so I can see what the problem is. Cheers
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    Update on the CC

    I had positive reports from the testers that this bug has been fixed.
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    Generic kits problem !

    I don't think generic kits work in FIFA 2005. However the generic kit field in the database remains from last year's db which causes confusion. Perhaps I should remove it. There are a number of generic kits in some of the zdataXX.big files, maybe you can extract them and import to the...
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    thanks, CC and chau for ****in up my game!

    Up to 28 in the next release.