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    Paraguayan teams 2012

    Hi everyone! I want to share my creations: kits from paraguayan teams, they come more... (sorry for my english) 1 Sportivo Luqueño H-V-GK 2 Rubio Ñu H-V 3 Sol de América H 4 Sportivo Carapeguá H-V 5 Olimpia V 6 Tacuary H-V 7 Cerro Porteño 8 Libertad 9 Guaraní 10 Nacional 11 Cerro Porteño PF 12...
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    Paraguay adidas World Cup 2010 Home Kit

    Hi everyone! I'm from Paraguay. I present the new Paraguay World Cup 2010 Home Kit. The original kit was design by Mogolos, and I only redesign that kit and transform in the new kit.{ Maybe Paraguay use the kit today in the international frienship against Netherlands. What do you think?