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    OG- Volley Thread

    Lol :D Yeah, she might be a bit tall for you. Maybe you need to start watching soccer or swimming, rather then volleyball.
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    OG- We were robbed today (Women Football)

    Hey, you guys will get your crack at us again, don't worry. Half the U.S. team is gonna retire now, and without the WUSA, we're not going to have half a chance in hell of beating Germany, China, Norway, Sweden & Brasil! Let us win the gold while we still can, you'll get your chance. :( But...
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    OG- Volley Thread

    That Russia/China Women's game was so intense! I was waiting for the handball game to come on, and so I flipped it over to CNBC, started watching Volleyball. Pretty soon I was jumping up and down (which is quite painful with a broken foot :D ) and cheering on the Russians (don't know why). When...
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    Playable Leagues?

    This has been asked before, I'm sure, but I can't seem to find it. What leagues/teams are playable in CM 03/04? Can you edit non-real teams to make them playable (MLS, for example)? I keep hearing that there's a ton of leagues, but can you play in all of them, and what leagues are they? Help :(
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    How to get 03/04?

    Thanks, mates :D
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    How to get 03/04?

    Allright, here's the problem guys; I live in the U.S., and CM 03/04 isn't sold in any of the stores over here. SO I have to order it from overseas (probably UK). Does anybody know of a reputable online UK dealer that'll ship to the US? I was at, but all they have is 01/02.
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    Cool pics

    Any chance I could get that Nakata face?
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    NK FOOTBALL © - FIFA “GAMEPLAY UPDATE” 2002 – Surprise release! GET IT NOW!!

    I can't get it to download, could you email it to me mate? [email protected] Thanks :)
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    Mexico Fans?

    Ah, he's overworked. If it's not already available, I'll just make it myself. ;)
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    Mexico Fans?

    Are there any Mexico fans out there that would like to help me with my CONCACAF update? I just don't know enough about the players to make accurate ratings/appearances, etc. Just put your email address up and I'll send you the current roster version. When you get it done, just send it back to me...
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    The new league in Fifa is Mexico

    Oh, hell with the Mexican league. Give me the J-League, MLS, and the Copa Libertadores and I'll be a happy man :D .
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    IS Nedved the cover boy?

    The numerals 2005 aren't in the standard EA font.
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    First Game When You Get FIFA 2005

    USA vs. Mexico! (My first game with every FIFA) Then KC Wizards vs. Dallas Burn. Barca vs. Real