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    your winning 11?

    u bought veron back:rockman:
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    Guess who

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    transfer budget going crazy?

    maybe they sold some expensive players?
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    Splinter Cell's thread

    thnx m8:mrpimp: sig ownage
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    Splinter Cell's thread

    damned the links seems down, let me search some new ones, or can u find them yourself?.
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    Splinter Cell's thread

    heej piet can u make one for me? one from batistuta in his fiorentina years, here are some pics
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    Stotty's Sig thread

    yeah nice blending!
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    i think he means he cant click it, thats why the button is displayed as sort of grey
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    Pics in CBS sportsline

    omg thnx!
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    Guess who

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    Guess who

    hehe actually my post wasnt meant serious:crazyboy: so i didnt had any idea i was right @ruud, it looks like a african playr, cant get on his name though
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    Guess who

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    FM Screenshot Showoff

    do u guys also think that fm 2005 isnt a real good penalty-simulator, in real life, ony e.g. 2 or 1 penalties will be missed......
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    top 5 MUST BUY players?

    that is very cheap for a player like crespo in my opninon:mrpimp: