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    3rd or alternate Kits in career mode?

    You are right someone jsut PMed me that sad news, but maybe there is a way to use the script from FIFA07.
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    3rd or alternate Kits in career mode?

    Hello evb, Dose anyone knows how to make it possible to use the 3rd kits in the career or manger mode. I know I may not got an answer but I hope people still play FIFA06.
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    Pes stadiums conversion.

    I'm a 100% sure that you can convert the stadiums to FIFA 06 but I'm not sure yet if you can yet import them to FIFA07...just keep holding to the Rhino 3dm files that all you need for now... And by the way to only difference between PES $ FIFA is the pitch size and the filed orientation of...
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    FIFA 08 Wish List - Next Generation

    Be abel to move the player more freeely, like be abe to get closer to th keeper and tackel him like the old fifa's able to move during set peaces and free kicks and a lot more
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    Creation master 07 - beta tester wanted

    I'll be glade to BETA test your CM07, hers is my email [email protected]
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    Lancers FIFA 2006 Kit Thread

    Hi Lancer can you please make this old PUMA goalkeeper:
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    Request Thread: Kits-Badges-Logos-Sponsors-Textures

    Can someone please make this old PUMA goalkeeper:
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    Cabi New Kits Thread

    Thanks a lot Man you are great...
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    Sundsvalls Kits Thread

    I didn't know that people can contradict them self's that fast... from 2 posts above
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    Sundsvalls Kits Thread

    Hi, Sundsvall can you make this kit, please? Or you don't take request's also?
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    curswine's kit thread(no requests)

    Curswine can you make this kit, please?
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    Request Thread: Kits-Badges-Logos-Sponsors-Textures

    Esperance ST Can someone make this kit?
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    Tournament Master 06 - Beta Version available

    Hi The file is not up anymore ...where can i get it... I have a remark ...i hope it dosen't have the same bug as TM05 where a team could be playing 2 diffrent tournments like league and cup at the same day !!! or even some teams playing league the others cup at the same day ??
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    Substitutions Cinematics

    Hi Evb, Is there any way to activate or have Substitutions Cinematics? Is there a patch out?
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    New gameplay + lighting system

    If you could just make a diffrent version of the patch ...but just keep the original lighting for FIFA05 ...i kow is sucks in the night vision but it's clearer than yours in the daylight. Thanks agains.