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    Ty's Badges

    Hi, can you do this Benfica logo, pls? Thanks and Great Work!! ;)
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    Creation Master 15 Doesn't Work On Windows 10?

    Thx James CR7 works also with CM16!!!!:D :D :D :D
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    HoppyJoe's Faces

    When you will realese Victor Andrade??
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    Face(s) Request Thread

    Hi, can anyone create/convert this faces of PES2016 to FIFA16? Thanks
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    siralex90's Kits

    sorry for the inconvenience, but can you make the yellow version of the SL Benfica GK kit? Thank you for all the work and comprehension
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    Ajnapivo's Faces

    Great SALVIO!!! Thanks :D :D :D
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    Ajnapivo's Faces

    Nice faces :) any prediction for the release date of the Salvio's face?
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    siralex90's Kits

    Good Work!! :D Thank YOU ;)
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    makispla's Kits

    Can you do SLBenfica 15/16 numbers and font?
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    siralex90's Kits

    Can you do Benfica 2015/16 kits? pls more pics:
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    Ajnapivo's Faces

    OMG :O Great faces!!! Awesome Toto Salvio! ;)
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    DAMN's Hair

    Excellent :D
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    Kit(s) Request Thread

    Could someone make this Benfica kits?
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    ManUnitedXI Kits

    Hi, can you make new benfica kits 2015/16? Thanks and excellent work :D