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    .:: Revolution Mod 13 ::.

    I'm waiting :)
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    Micro Stuttering/Lag.

    lol, I have no lag, all in high settings my rig is : phenom 555 BE @3.6 Ghz vengeance 8 GB HD5770 Win 7 x64
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    Fifa 12 i68Regenerator

    game crashes everytime i play career mode!
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    Regularcat's FIFA 12 Mods

    nice :D will check it later :D
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    FIFA 11 Erevos Transformed Gameplay Database FinaL

    finally..after beta :D congratulation :D
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    Fifa PS3 Data2 import PC NetworkTR Patch new

    yeap, no big different at all
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    11 or 09?

    lolllllllllllll....where have you been anyway? why good news? it should be "old news, mates!"
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    11 or 09?

    useless thread
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    Game lag - unable to run smoothly

    sape lu? maho ya.. (Y)
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    Game lag - unable to run smoothly

    I was using 9500 GT, it's lag as hell.. then changed my graphic card to radeon 4850. Now I can run it very smoothly :)