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    File Manager 11, Edit all archived files in FIFA 11 PC -- Release Date TBA --

    while we wait for CM or MM can I use it to edit my existing manager mode?
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    Is there way to edit players ratings?

    may be out of topic but, how to edit player's boots when i am already in the 4th season of my manager mode? [I am not talking about normal exhibition matches, its inside the manager mode] when I edit players it only reflects in exhibition matches but not in manager mode
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    Xbox 360 controller for Windows - Shot making problem

    Hello everybody, Yesterday I bought a Xbox 360 controller for Windows, just to play Fifa09 with the round box analog stick, where my old Logitech Rumblepad 2 has squared box analog stick. The game-pad is recognized properly, playing with it is very good, making the special dribbles are easier...
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    :: New Tele Camera patch for FIFA 10 ::

    I am using it and its awesome...thanks MD
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    regularcat's FIFA 10 Nets Physic Patch

    it is waaaay better than the EA's one....but still miss the PES style net...
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    Cinematics Patch 10! Lots of tips needed...

    its simply awesome....I installed it yesterday and amazed by it....thanks a ton
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    Tweak Audio Patch v1

    lovely patch.....saved it, will try tonight...
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    Patch Cursor Color and Formations

    downloaded it, i ll try it......thanks
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    regularcat's ai v.1

    I am playing the last updated AI....its pretty good...
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    .::::::CJD 17's Thread::::::.

    hi cjd17 awesome work bro....currently using PS3 style pop-ups and the UCL question though - is it possible to get each league game SB according to their league? I mean when I play EPL I get EPL special SB, then again when I play La Liga i get Liga style it possible?
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    FitriMira 2010 Boots and Graphics

    Thanks a ton FitriMira....those boots took my hearts away....keep up the good work....
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    great work...anything for this Real Madrid fan, please...
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    Best Scouted Players in FIFA 10

    found anything on this?