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    Does anyone still has free DLC for 2010 World Cup game?

    Hey @matric96 , Thanks for sharing! I was looking for this for a long time! By the way since u have been trying to mod Fifa 2010 WC on PS3, do u know any way to add balls on other fifa from PS3? (Like since fifa 10 to fifa 14) Cause everytime I change data3.big the game crashes when I enter.
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    Research and Documentation on Modding Older FIFA Games for PS3 & XBOX 360 - RPCS3 & Xenia

    Guys I´m new to this, but I tried to add balls to fifa 12/13/14 for ps3 from pc version using fifa file explorer...and everytime I do it when I enter in the game...the game just close...I don´t understand..I´m just editing data3.big
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    Jenkey's FIFA file explorer

    I downloaded windows 7 home premium 64x and it’s working!