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    any minkikit maker can teach me how to make a great minikit?

    any minkikit maker can teach me how to make a great minikit? i use photoshop and cut the kit than resize it to128x128 but it's not good anyone can teach me?
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    b7 mini kit

    i am trying make mini kit first mini kit is chelsea home kit(Y) (300x300) home(128x128) third(128x128)
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    I cant play manager mode!!my fifa crashed!!

    when i setting all the things(such as:name,use which team) and it is loading(after choose 4team for practice) when it is 80% my fifa crash i inport some face,kit,mini kit.. but i edit the date base in CM09 anyone know what matter of my fifa??
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    a pb of inport japan team ( Liio'sNational Teams )

    i have already inported the cmp in my fifa and it is Success... but i cant find japan when i choose team in my fifa:icon_spin: anyone can teach me how to do? i miss any step?:icon_spin:
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    How to make a Scoreboard?

    How to make a Scoreboard? i use the photoshop and make a Scoreboard save to png/bmp use CM09 import image but it is error the size is wrong... i am come from hong kong and my english is very poor i hope you know what i am talking
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    anyone have petr cech face!?please help me

    anyone have petr cech face!? i find his face for a long time.. but i cant find it... can you send me a good petr cech face? please help me.. thank you for much...:blush: