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    Barcelona warn of breakaway European league

    i hate how rosell keeps outdoing himself at being a dick basically because he can
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    Poll for the best 10 club teams in history- come and vote

    no mention of the barcelona dream teams??? past and/or present
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    The UEFA Champions League 2010/11 Thread

    anyone read anything about a sexshop??? barca madrid has aloot of history to it, i'd say granting it as a much bigger derby. i'd say the only bigger derbies would be something like boca juniors and river plate where kids are still throwing plastic bags full of piss at away fans, now thats...
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    Real Madrid Thread [2010-2011]

    when it comes to footballers on twitter, balotelli is the effing man
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    Real Madrid Thread [2010-2011]

    good try lad, keep it up!
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    The UEFA Champions League 2010/11 Thread

    are you mourinho in disguise?? lol sorry, however your prediction of the post match rants were pretty much spot on. i dont agree with this concept of 'erasing' moments of a match by scoring, and if you're so upset about it then why aren't you posting the exact same thing in every single match...
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    Los Clásicos: Real Madrid vs Barcelona [P+R]

    eh i'd do it too if i were infront of madrid fans
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    The A-League

    much needed win for sydney up in newcastle always a fun away trip and the win made it so much sweeter, however newcastle were very unlucky to lose ljubo early into the match brisbane are far ahead at the top of the table, beat 2nd place adelaide in adelaide without their 2 main players...
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    Most Hated Club in Europe

    yeah ill pay that, it was pretty random/hilarious at the time but never justified/necessary
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    Most Hated Club in Europe

    care to explain how barca are bad losers, even tho im a barca fan i can take it on the chin if its true i find it hard to believe tho that when you have the likes of drogba and its a ******* disgrace antics that barca are terrible losers i do agree about biscuits tho, guardiola's continuous...
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    Latest Zidane game??

    pes will bring him into the classic france squad soon im sure
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    Most Hated Club in Europe

    any club that votes in a **** like florentino has to be the worst club in the world let alone the most hated their buy anyone and everyone mentality is v similar to chelsea but at least chelsea win things (speaking of recent times of course)
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    2010 FIFA World Cup Final: Netherlands v. Spain [P/R]

    i get what that you're not advocating the challenge but it shouldn't necessarily matter how early it is in the game, if the tackle is bad enough (which it was, late and studs above/in line with the nipples) a player should be sent off whether it be the world cup final or sunday league amateurs...
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    2010 FIFA World Cup Final: Netherlands v. Spain [P/R]

    dude you gotta be spreading this material out, i'm in tears!! nice one
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    very much so, it does really seem like some people are going to games and not even watching them, instead they just sit there blowing their f***ing vuvuzelas whilst i think banning them would be a bit much, i wouldnt be sad if they did i guess the difference in culture makes it hard for us to...