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    FIFA 07 360 Footage

    wow it looks unreal! The graphics are beautiful and the animations flow together seamlessly. I know it's hard to discern gameplay from a movie, but from what I can see FIFA 07 is shaping up to be the best football game to date. In my opinion the game looks much much better than the 360...
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    Fifa skills video

    No word on whether or not it's official, but Mundo FIFA seems to think so. It certainly looks like it...
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    New FIFA 07 Gameplay Movie and Intro

    Though the jerseys aren't up-to-date yet, they obviously will be changed before release. No one is sure about whether or not the intro and gameplay videos on are official or not, but they still might be because even on the official FIFA 07 website they have old kits in the...
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    New FIFA 07 Gameplay Movie and Intro

    The intro includes all the new animations, moves, etc. Ronaldinho's move was class and I like the cross that Joe Cole has. They even have Christiano Ronaldo carving up the defense just like in real life, but the only thing that takes away the authenticity of it is the fact that he doesn't dive...
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    New FIFA 07 Gameplay Movie and Intro

    Head over to gametrailers to see the new intro and gameplay movie (XBOX)! Hurry though, becuase it only stays on the first page for a couple of days and I don't have the game-specific link. You could always search for it from the main page, too, so don't be alarmed if you are late in reading...
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    GAMESMASTER: FIFA 07 play-test hands on

    :boohoo: The first time saying it was enough.
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    PS2 Goal Keeper controls (Penalty Shootouts)

    You can move the keeper along the goal-line before the shot. However, be ready because as soon as he starts to make his run-up, you have to choose the direction you want to dive with the left-analog stick or arrow keys.
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    Previews and videos

    the guys at gamespot really don't grasp what the game is all about...
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    Previews and videos

    Gamespot has added a hands-on preview for FIFA Street 2. It also has 3 gameplay videos for each system (XB, PS2, GC) XBOX preview and videos Ign has a preview but no new videos
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    Two new videos

    gametrailers has added a third trailer (same as gamespot one) Fifa Street 2 Trailer 3
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    Two new videos

    gametrailers has two new gameplay videos of fifa street 2. it looks way better than 1, with rain, different camera angles, improved graphics, smoother gameplay, and added features Fifa Street 2 videos
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    Fifa Street 2

    That sounds so much better than FIFA Street. It increases the replay value tenfold
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    Demo Is Out Now!!!!!

    I have dsl too but mine only took 5 minutes
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    FIFA06 - Hands on!!!

    Please post some screens of the penalty kick system
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    FIFA Football 06 Multimedia Thread

    Yeah it says they're new but they've been posted a couple weeks ago