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    Fifa 08 Shattered Pes 2008 In The Market

    easy easy easy
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    FIFA '08 Vs PES 2008

    just ur opinion NK, very few people believe that. FIFA08 is the most realistic football game ever made, if you cant win, stuck with arcade PES....
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    FIFA '08 Vs PES 2008

    spot on mate, FIFA with licenses and now with better gameplay, its on his own league :Carlos*o:
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    Why people play FIFa?Its a game for the kids,see atachments to get proof.

    i am enjoying every moment when i play FIFA08. Is closed than ever to the real thing. PES is just an overpriced peace of crap...
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    I was WRONG about Fifa08!!!!!!!

    but also you cant play online because of the stupid lag....
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    FIFA '08 Vs PES 2008

    spot on
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    FIFA 2008 (360, PS3) vs. PES 2008 (360, PS3)

    Pro evolution soccer 2008 Gamespot score 7/10
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    Why this year crappy PES gets high in reviews?

    i like your thoughts, but most of the PESfans or FIFAfans , almost every time they try to defend their be loved game just for fun (its like our teams liverpool fans vs man utd fans)...
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    FIFA08 vs PES2008 (NEXT GEN)

    i wanted to start a vote to see what people believe...
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    FIFA08 vs PES2008 (NEXT GEN)

    Lets start again , which one you prefer and state your thoughts personally i prefer FIFA08 because is closest to the real thing, the only true simulator in the market :)
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    I'm in love

    i am sure that you have played FIFA08 on PC which is crap FIFA08 ON XBOX360 ROCKS
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    Why this year crappy PES gets high in reviews?

    i totally agree with that review...
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    OK here is my problem...

    with vga cable, i have done the same with my 22tft monitor
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    No one can deny this:

    Agree 100%