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    Almeidowski's themed backgrounds

    In this thread I'll publish all the themed backgrounds I've made. All of the can be downloaded through the following link: Portugal Themed Background Sporting CP Themed Background If you want to request any...
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    FIFA 22 Cheat Table

    Hi! Is there a way to change the length/duration of matches? So, instead of 6 minutes each half make them be 20 minutes or something like that. Thanks!
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    Fifa22 Very Realistic Gameplay mod V2

    Hey! How did you set each half to be 10 minutes? What files did you edit?
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    Replace an authentic club's TIFO with an edited one

    Hi! I want to replace the TIFO in the image with another one I made. What file should I change? I already changed all the club logos to the new one. I found tifo_813 file but it seems to be only a display image.
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    FIFA 22 - Actually Decent Pro Clubs Perks Descriptions

    This mod makes it so that the Pro Clubs player perks descriptions are actually informative. Now, the perk descriptions tell you by how much each attribute increases instead of letting you guess. Due to game limitations I had to keep the descriptions fairly short, which might make them a little...