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    Pepis Tailor Shop

    Great work mate :)
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    DK's Minikits

    Great work, looks quite similar to the EA work.
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    Kits Nobody Wants by makispla

    Great Arsenal kit, it really nice.
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    robmar85's National Teams Kits

    Good work mate, great to see so many unmade NT being made.
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    L77's Kits

    Awesome work mate.
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    Devil's Kits

    Good work mate.
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    Monkiman's Kits [No Requests]

    Welcome and nice work.
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    wpatrik182's Kits

    Great work
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    fifabastarzz's Kits

    Looks nice but a tip, do not save as JPG, they tend to lose quality, use PNG.
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    Carson's Kits

    Good work, I do like to see a less know team to be made
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    mogolos' Kits

    Nice work mate
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    Tonce's Kits

    Looks good, but try to make the sleeves a little more relaxed like this. Still I think the front is very nice, doesn't have much shadows which I...
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    Tonce's Kits

    Fantastic work mate, I still love a more flat design because it fits well in game.
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    Wade's Faces

    Amazing work, hoping to see Adrien Silva and Rui Patricio:)
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    Kap's Faces

    Great work mate.