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    BM_raventale's Sharings

    I know. No good Kane's face made by anyone. Probably because he wasn't in the spotlight during last year. Will have to do with it. Thanks anyway. :D
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    BM_raventale's Sharings

    Because I am playing with Spurs in career mode and close to relegation. There's nothing better than seeing Spurs getting relegated.:rockman::rockman: Btw do you happen to have any Harry Kane's face? :blush:
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    BM_raventale's Sharings

    Post Harry Kane's face please. I only need his face. :)
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    gianpiero99's Faces

    Can anyone reupload please? File isn't available anymore on moddingway.:-(
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    KFJeed's FIFA 14 Faces

    Thanks. :D :taz:
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    KFJeed's FIFA 14 Faces

    Thank You. :D
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    KFJeed's FIFA 14 Faces

    Can anyone please upload Eriksen's fifa 15 face texture? I need it bad. Thanks in advance. :D
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    Mr.89's Faces

    Waiting for your Preview :hump:
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    wichanwoo's FIFA 14 Faces

    Perfect mate. :D
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    Tornado's Faces

    Where do you make your textures? Blender?
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    Mr.89's Faces

    Can you make a Calum Chambers face? A very needed face. :) I don't really like Krisaju's version. And also, care to make Jovetic's face maybe? No one has made him that well. :/
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    a_Nuk3's '14 Faces

    Perfect faces. :D
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    FIFA 14 3D Importer/Exporter

    Can anyone please reupload the importer/exporter? doesn't work for me. :(