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    Kits by Sundsvall

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    Tuzox 2.0 kits reloaded and unchained

    great quality,i like the stitches (Y)
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    Cris-9 Faces

    Good job,it looks really good.
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    Kits by ad1

    Thanks guys for the comments Barcelona home/away
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    Kits by ad1

    Barcelona home
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    Kits by ad1

    Hi guys ,i am a kitmaker and i will post here my work,i hope you will enjoy it. First Steaua Bucharest home/away
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    Steaua 2011-2012

    3-1 sounds better
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    Steaua 2011-2012

    Can we call it a miracle?
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    Bravo,well done mate .
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    Dinamo Bucharest [2011-2012]

    you are funny :33vff3o:
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    Steaua 2010-2011

    yeah Gigi sucks but don't forget about Borcea and company :)
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    Steaua 2010-2011

    new coach ,new players ,like last year or like 2 years ago ,so in the end will finish 6?
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    Spuk's Workshop

    i don't like the template but nice minikits
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    Steaua 2010-2011

    The away kit would fit better for our NT .
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    Danny79 Kits

    great kits ,too bad that they lost 7-0 :(.