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  1. Rangel07
    Rangel07 Andreasmax
    And when I put the project career and save does not appear the contents of the mod still yes asks to delete my squad.
  2. Rangel07
    Rangel07 Andreasmax
    Hello, Andy. I'm having trouble editing your mod project unbelievably. When I save the All in project I lose my squad and I can not put another.
  3. Ranjith
    Marketing Specialist
  4. tampliersf
  5. FroggyJohnson
    I also release cool frog art on my Instagram page at @froggyjohnson8!!! .
  6. thefd8
    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته Peace
  7. Andrés Allauca
    Andrés Allauca gonzaga
    I need you to help me with something if you can please
  8. Tavadi
    Tavadi tampliersf
    Hello. Do you still have African national teams in the cmp format?
  9. NicoDCFC
    NicoDCFC tokke001
    Hello mr. tokke001, I've a problem with the 2018-19 patch (1.1) for FIFA 11. The game shows only the first generic adboards (I think they are the World Cup adboards) and not the specific ones for the teams. Also in the Creation Master they don't appear. The rx3 files are correctly placed in the "adboards" folder. I hope you can help me
  10. Andrei0401
    Andrei0401 FifaMan017*
    Hi!You have a kit template with specific texture for FIFA 18/19 to give me?
  11. regularcat
    regularcat Chuny
    Do you know what mod IMStudio's squad files are compatible with for FIFA 18?
  12. Player_career_mode
    Player_career_mode Shadow_boy32
    Hello. Do you plan to distribute your fifa 19 faces? I hope I can use it.
  13. Kabashauskas
    Kabashauskas gabrielxd
    Hello. Where is your blog with faces for fifa 07? (((You made such cool faces!
  14. WebTanitimTR
  15. WebTanitimTR
  16. WebTanitimTR
  17. WebTanitimTR
  18. WebTanitimTR
  19. WebTanitimTR
  20. keiser23
    keiser23 tokke001
    Hello Mr. tokke001, sorry for bothering you. I've been trying to install the patch for Spanish commentaries but I haven't been able to, I run the installer at FIFA 11 folder and apply the i68 regenerator but in game settings there's no option for spanish. I have the EU version of FIFA 11 with english, french, deutch, italian and dutch. I would be really greatful if you can help me.