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Noob Guide to editing using AFS Explorer /PLEASE READ!

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  • Noob Guide to editing using AFS Explorer /PLEASE READ!

    This is a simple, but very informative guide on How to edit PES5 using "AFS Explorer", This includes "TURFS", I have used this to install Frenkie's Turfs into PES5 and it WORKS. This Tuturial has been provided by "Trux" who is a member of "" forums, Thx Trux from all editing noobs.
    Here it is:-

    There seems to be quite a few people that dont have a clue how to patch their game so I thought I would post a basic guide to help them step by step.

    For this I have downloaded Ortans Old Trafford Stadium. And unpacked it into a new folder in My Documents.

    First things first....Make a copy of your original DAT files so that you can replace the modified version/s in case anything goes wrong.

    The default folder should be
    CProgram Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 5\dat
    Copy this folder to My documents and place it in a new folder (best to name the folder pes5 original dat) or something.

    Now you need a Programme capable of reading the DAT files.
    I use AFS Explorer - 3.7 but there are others.

    You can download AFS Explorer here

    Run AFS Explorer > Click file and then import AFS File. You will now be presented with a window that allows you to search your computer for the DAT file to be modified.
    As above this should be My computer CProgram Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 5\dat

    You will now be presented with the four DAT files. Choose the one that you want to modify. In this case I want to add Ortan's excellent Old Trafford Stadium so I should click on 0_text

    You will probably now be asked if you want to rebuild the AFS File. At this stage we dont need to, so click no.

    AFS will now open out the DAT file... This takes a while so be patient.
    Once complete find the file that you want to replace. In the case of Ortan's Old Trafford the first one should be unnamed_10026

    Right click the file in AFS Explorer and select import.

    Up comes the search window again.
    This time you need to find Ortans replacement file of the same name (unnamed_10026) that you downloaded originaly, and if like me you placed in a new folder in My Documents.

    Once you click the file it's in the game, repeat the process for all six of Ortans replacement files and then close AFS Explorer.

    Now run PES5 and if all went well you can enjoy Ortans excellent work.
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    does this apply for installing faces?ive got the players hair and faces *BIN file but i have no idea how to install them..anyone?


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      hi i was just wondering do i need to make a iso of my origanal game cause i have tryed a boot patch and ball patch in my kionami dat folder with afs explorer but when i try it it says there is not enough space in file or somthing please help noob in a flap


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        haha th anks !


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          it is for pes 2010 too?


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            The link is broken put another link!


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              I have updated the AFS explorer download links in my first post...

              ...................and here is a more upto date AFS explorer video tutorial by Evoweb mod Hawke, that may be easier to follow for those less familiar with AFS explorer :-

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                Please tell me how to install face patches and others.I use the iso version