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    Originally posted by Deisler
    British fans are so busy whining that they forget how the stole the world cup in 1966.

    I wasn't aware there was a "British" football team. Don't you mean ENGLAND?


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      Originally posted by bianconeri6
      but the biggets tounaments are for the underdogs for a while now
      This theory favours England, doesn't it?


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        so we won 2-1 today richardson looked really good though

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          I miss the Umbro Cup.


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            Remember in 2002 i think, when Australia beat the poms 3-1, oh damn that was good, giving it to the mother country !!!


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              Can anybody post a link for Beckham's goal a couple of months ago, I think it's his latest one for the England NT


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                Originally posted by mhflierman

                Reading English papers before a big tournament is always so much fun. They get everyone hyped up and the english people honestly believe they've got a real chance.
                I think we do have a fair chance if everyone plays Wel:

                G.Neville???? Rio Ferdinand/Sol campbell, John Terry :Bow: Ashley Cole

                Beckham?? LAMPARD!!!! GERRARD!!! j.cole(shud b wright-phillips though)


                Rooney(could win it on his own 4 us lol):Bow:

                so we have about 7/8 world class players on ther day, and if we did get far it wud be down to the defense the midfield and Rooney

                Although the brazilian strike force is outrageous!
                Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Adriano, Robinho, Oliverra, Kaka etc...

                I don't wana face them untill if we get to the final.
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                  Argentina? Wtf Mickey. I think in a big competition everyone who makes it is a contender.
                  Italy if they score first you can go ahead and turn the TV off. we know it will end up 1-0 but they are hungry for gold.
                  Holland seems to be pretty good producing talents...They lack glory though
                  Brazil is Brazil
                  Argentina is too weak deffensively.
                  Germany ... well no matter how bad they are they still good enough to win big tournaments..2002 is proof of their luck and resiliance is to be admired.

                  Engerland..if they dont win these time they'll never do...Clas players and an already established group.


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                    we can play this system by next world cup :






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                      With england's squad, they have a pretty good chance of taking home silverware...or goldware lol
                      Proud after victory...Loyal after defeat!


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                        England Vs Denmark today Preictions ??

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                          England 3, Denmark 0

                          Let's go Korea!


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                            Im pretty sure Defoe will tally, so ill go with him doing a double at 2-0

                            Originally posted by VanTheMan
                            we can play this system by next world cup :




                            Ashley Cole wont be pushed out of the England squad just like that. I admit, having 3 CBs is an enticing prospect when England is blessed with three of the worlds best, but leaving Cole out, and assuming Carrick will be ready for 2006 is pretty unrealistic
                            Duffer, Guddy, you were proud to wear the Royal Blue, and we're always proud of you. Good luck
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                              I'd prefer something more like:


                              ---------Terry-----------------rio-----------------Ash Cole-----------------------

                              Gaz Nev-------------------------------------------------------------Bridge/Konchesky(?)

                              -----------------------------Phil Nev/Carrick--------------------------------------




                              I know it looks like i've got Ashley Cole as a Centre Back, but he'd be more of just a "back" which would give us some raw pace in our back line aswell as playing with Rio and Terry would be good. I've put him as a CB in that, but just think of him as more of just a defensive player, he'd also be able to get forward if he wanted with Phil Nev/Carrick covering him.

                              And as we've always had a problem with a Left Midfielder... lets not have one at all! i think having Gaz Nev and Bridge* (if he gets fit and plays regularly) as Wing Backs which would give us the width, and also with Terry, Rio, Cole and Phil Nev/Carrick behind them (accompanied by Gerrard alot) then there defensive duties wouldn't be too intense enough to wear them out quickly.

                              I'd personally drop Beckham now really, he's a good driver of the team and carry us forward but i personally think with this formation it'd be more beneficial to leave him out.

                              * i added Konchesky there as i reckon that he'll get better and better at West Ham now and he could develop into a decent player.


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                                ------Beckham----------Joe Cole--------




                                I expect it will be something along the lines of this crappy formation..

                                Prediction:- 2-1 England
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