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QOTW: Should Arsene Wenger be sacked?

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    I think Wenger is pretty much done now. I've stopped watching any football till he leaves.


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      should there be any doubt any more?

      Blessing in disguise for Arsenal owners and board members, I guess, is that unlike Furguson and Man Utd, Wenger's demise will mean that Arsenal fans won't have silly expectations about some sort of make-believe style and swagger that their team apparently embodied. Just competing for the league again should suffice.

      Hiring people like Simeone and Allegri could be interesting. But Inter's Chinese owners will get Simeone to Milano sooner or later, so it'll mean more managerial turnover than Arsenal fans would be used to. There's an entire generation of them who were born after Wenger took over, so it'd be quite a change. That said, winning meaningful trophies will be quite a change too, I imagine.