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van Basten destroying football or not?

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  • van Basten destroying football or not?

    Few days ago, Marco van Basten proposed changes to football that would radically change nature of the game. In case you havent heard yet, here are some links:

    Some sources mention also proposed of replacing half-times with 25-minute long quarters.

    So i was wondering, what are your toughts on all of this.
    Personally i think van Basten has lost his mind. If even half of those would be accepted (though granted, one or two are actually ok ideas), football would lose lot of its charm. It would be simply mindless scoring rather than actual tactics or such.
    And scary part is that he actually might have influence to pull it off

    Personally i feel losing offside or having basketball-like foul system & sending players off for only few minutes is just ridicolous. Offside forces teams to work together & be strategical, basketball-like foul system only makes already hard job for defense even harder and again, less about strategy, more about mindless attacking (i wouldnt be suprised to see return of 1-1-8 system if that would be accepted as it would then be just matter of who scores more goals as defending would be near impossible). Having temporary send-offs would also mean more brutal game.
    Ok, temporary sendoffs can be salvaged somehow, but definetly not other 2. If either of the other 2 would be accepted, football would be effectively killed

    But those are just my opinions- what do you all think?

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    Wow that's pretty radical. Interesting.
    It would be great if it could be tested out in a league for a season, but I don't think that it is going to happen.
    No offsides would completely change the sport.


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      Haven't read it yet, but I think a lack of offside rule would actually make teams more defensive and could completely undo the success of the possession-oriented sides.

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