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  • Originally posted by poet11 View Post
    You and your glorious President can go fuck themselves as its the rumour section but it actually got confirmed now!
    I'm stunned. This is one of the weirdest transfers since Tevez and Mascherano went to West Ham.

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    • Don't ask me to explain this as I am absolutely clueless too.
      It's not even about the fee (which is waaaaay short), but him going to Wolves. I wonder how the hell it is even possible, that this deal was announced more than a week ago and not a single top team woke the fuck up and tried to grab him before it was too late. Maybe they thought it was a bluff? We'll never know I guess.

      We should have kept him, played him, and then eventually sell him for at least twice as much next summer. I am shocked and disgusted.
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      • Is bonucci moving to Milan?


        • Originally posted by WhoDaWhat View Post
          Is bonucci moving to Milan?
          Already confirmed

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