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[HELP NEEDED] Photoshop running slow

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  • [HELP NEEDED] Photoshop running slow

    After using PS for 30-60 mins, it suddenly gets slower and slower. It lags big time, even if I just try to use the marquee tool or crop tool.

    If I close it down and restart it, it works smooth again... until it starts to lag again after 30-60 min.

    I am working on files less than 50 MB.

    I have another 15+ year old computer with windows 32-bit running PS CC14 without any lags at all.

    I've been searching the web and found possible solutions that did NOT work.

    The PC:
    OS: Windows 7 Pro 64bit (Running on a SSD disk).
    CPU: AMD FX 3,5GHz
    RAM: 16GB
    GPU: Radeon R9 8GB

    So far I have tried the following:
    • Tried PS CC 14, 15, and 17 .. They all give the same problem.
    • Changed scratch disks to 3 other disks (NOT the same as PS is running from).
    • Switched between ALL the GPU options under "Performance" in PS, and even tried to disable it.
    • Adjusted memory usage up or down. It doesn't matter.
    • Updated GPU drivers and OS.
    • Turned off Rulers.
    • Used the "Purge" to clear cache.

    Funny thing is that I can use other Video editing software (not Adobe) where I edit movies at 5-7 GB, and there is NO lagging. Then if I try to edit 4-5 still images in Photoshop, it lags :-p hehe.. this is confusing me.
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    My Photoshop crashes after using for 2-3 hours straight.

    Maybe the Undo History it keeps, somehow screws it up? Just an assumption.
    Originally posted by 4ndr3i
    So someone had the audacity to neg me in this thread.

    This is unacceptable!!! You have 24 hours to come clean and apologize and be all like "Sorry Andrei, won't happen again.. I messed up.. wanted it to be green.. etc"

    If not I will do my own investigation and will show no mercy for the unfortunate soul. I already have a list of suspects.