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How to allow pop ups again?

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  • How to allow pop ups again?

    Hi there!

    I know it's rather a problem regarding Google Chrome but maybe one of you can help me.

    I accidentally blocked pop ups for this site when I received a private message. Okay actually it was intentionally as I just wanted to get rid of these pop ups regarding new PM's.

    But now I can't use the insertion functions for links, images etc. anymore as those pup ups where I need to enter an URL won'T appear anymore.

    Of course I googled for a solution but all I found was related to advertising pop ups. So it didn't help me.

    Question: How can I "re-allow" this site to create these pop ups again?

    PS: I use Google Chrome as you maybe already figured out.


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    If you accept Jesus in your heart he will pop up where you least expect it and give you the answer you require but might not seek.


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      I have no heart. Seems I'm lost then...


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        It is never too late to accept Jesus Christ our lord in your heart and let him guide you towards the path of salvation.


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          sayz Israel.


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            The Israelites have been forgiven by Christ. Who are we to judge them for their filthy ways, against our lord and saviour's will? All we can do is forgive, forget, turn the other chick and reminisce fondly of 1938.


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              Oh my.