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Daves v1.1 Training Schedule

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    Even at 184 he aint as great as daves got him


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      He is pot. 185 in my game?

      Don't ask me about Owen both footed. Now you point it out, it is kinda strange. I aint used to editor due to the fact that it screws up games. I have seen players' feet (lol) improving, once you play for long enough. Some players seem to improve more rapidly, I guess it's how much it gets used in games.

      In my old game I had Gerrard both footed and Le Tallec, and even Kirkland managed to use his other foot once in a while!

      Another tip is to play players as much as possible - first team games make all the difference when improving youngsters with a big future.

      Here's Kirko for the person ages ago who wanted it!
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        Dave uses 4.1.1 anyway
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          Yep, and MCM doesnt edit in arrows lol!


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            why do u use 4.1.1 out of interest?


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              pongolle is [email protected] in the games i've played ( with milan) coz i scouted him all 3 times.

              i've also got a schedule similar to daves cept i got diff ones for def, mid, and attackers, and of course goalkeeping. one week a player will have lotsa greens, next week reds. thats what makes ur training good? u gotta have more greens when they improve than reds the next week.

              i got BRILLIANT staff with my milan team i dont think my training is as good as his. i managed to get reyes better than that tho, but it took me like 2 seasons
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                If you look at Owen's stats, he's not far from becoming two-footed. (stats for left/right foot can improve/deteriorate in-game)
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                  Dave, do you ever get "Player shouldn't waste time training outfield skills" type of comments from coaches on the GK schedule?

                  Coz I get those all the time


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                    I use 1.1 as try downloading a 40mb+ file on a 56k connection that barely works. (at 5p/minute)

                    I get that on GK a lot, but the players still improve. I have just finished the first season last night, ill post a new pic of Kirko who has improved a hell of a lot.


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                      write to SI and get them to send u the disc with the patch on. the game is much improved with the patches.......


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                        On topic please. I don't want to delete all off topic posts, but I will if I think it's nescessary.


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                          Originally posted by ralfwiggum
                          write to SI and get them to send u the disc with the patch on. the game is much improved with the patches.......
                          . . . or wait for an ADSL modem?

                          Has anyone got any feedbacks with recommended improvements etc.? I have started to test an U23's goalkeeping schedule.


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                            Cheers Dave for the schedule, its working a charm with my Sporting Lisbon team.

                            Old Schedule - 2003/04
                            Portuguese Superleague Winners(Went the season unbeaten)
                            Portuguese Cup Winners
                            UEFA Cup 4th Round

                            Version 1.1 - 2004/05
                            Portuguese Superleague Winners(Won 34 out of 34 games - 100%)
                            Portuguese Cup Winners
                            Portuguese Super Cup Winners
                            UEFA Champions Lge Winners

                            Only spent between 7m-8m on the jigsaw puzzle, using 4-4-1-1.

                            Delighted , delivered my first Champions League title in CM 03/04


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                              No problem, it works great for me too! Whats the budget like at lisbon?


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                                I started off with 5m budget, but I used it wisely.(I.e just paying 1m for Kallstrom/Farnerud, and paying the rest over 24months leaving me money on other players.)

                                Toledo(300k) and Tsigalko(500k) were bargains.

                                Toledo - 22goals in 44starts, not bad for a winger eh.
                                Tisgalko - 56 goals in 49 starts.