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CM4 and 03/04 Screenshot Showoff

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  • Great Came Back.........

    Adriano my saver.........
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    • I won the Libertadores, Brasileirão and Sudamericana in my 2nd season with Guarani. Lost in the Intercontinental cup to Juve 2-0, the team put up a decent fight though. I've won practically everything, so there's no challenge anymore in the game i guess (won the league with 111 points, conceding less than 20 goals in 46 matches, call that dominance).

      To sum it up, the other Brazilian teams are no match for me, and with only 3 defeats on 46 games at the Championship, it's not challenging anymore and i dont fell like playing the another season just to win Libertadores and wait until december to play the Intercontinental cup again, so this game is kinda buried. The best game i've ever had though, winning continental stuff with your local team feels pretty good (especially when you love the team).

      Going to start a new game with Palermo to please myself whilst waiting for FM 2005.


      • for some reason zalayeta is good, so i bought him calcio update


        • This is my youth team (mind the senior players)
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          Originally posted by Turk123
          Bobby you are so repulsive , is Huge Grant your father?
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          • looks nice


            • dont laugh.. how do u take screenshots


              • Borrowing a line from Calumn for this one:

                Originally posted by CalumnCFC
                I have noticed many questions recently about the posting of Screen Shots at soccergaming so here is a guide of exactly what to do. This works best if CM is in windowed mode.

                1) On CM go to the screen you want to take a screen shot of.

                2) Press the 'Print Screen' button (in the top row of your keyboard).

                3) Minimise (or exit) CM and go into a basic drawing programme, MS Paint is perfect.

                4) Go to the 'Edit' drop down menu and then select 'Paste'.

                5) Do any editing you want to do the save the file in the
                .jpg format. (I recommend you save it to your desktop as it is easier to find. You can always delete it straight after you've posted it).

                6) Go to Soccer Gaming and go to the thread you want to post the screen shot in. Press reply as normal.

                7) Where is says 'attach a file' click browse. Find the screen shot (saved in the .jpg format) and double click on it.

                8) Click 'Post Reply/Submit New Thread' as normal. Please note it will take longer than normal to post.

                9) Sit back and admire your beautiful screen shot.


                "Mijn hart is rood zwart rood met drie witte kruisjes in het midden"


                • Originally posted by Zlatan
                  Borrowing a line from Calumn for this one:


                  • when calumn gived a ****

                    only kidding mr mod


                    Into my heart an air that kills
                    From yon far country blows:
                    What are those blue remembered hills,
                    What spires, what farms are those?

                    That is the land of lost content,
                    I see it shining plain,
                    The happy highways where I went
                    And cannot come again.


                    • Haha, yeah, I remember the days when I used to do things like that for you ungrateful bastards

                      Just kidding, you know I love you all.