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'How To' CM/SG Help Thread

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    One person starts a new game running as a server. Make sure the box is ticked in the Preferences screen:
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      He then starts a new game, running the leagues of choice.

      The other players need to sign in to the game, using the IP of the machine the game is started on. You can find it in the Game Status window, if you don't know it:
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        The game is joined through the 'Network Game' option in the main menu. You then choose 'Join Other Server' and fill in the wanted IP.
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          id like to thank ruud for this info........

          to add players to your database no matter wot size you select, follow what i've put but add different nation or team depending on who you want........

          for teams, put the text as i've put in the pic below, as it is in the notepad...... but this depends on the team....... (edit, by Ruud: "Also note that the name for the team has to be the short name listed in the database, the one that appears in fixture lists. So i.e. "Man Utd" for Manchester United or "Valencia" for Valencia S.A.D..")

          for national, put the text i've put in the pic below as it is, in a notepad...... depending on the nation.............. (edit, by Ruud: This keeps all players with that nationality in the game, does not affect foreign players in the nation's league system. You need to use the full name of the country, as used on the title bar of the National squad; i.e.: "United States" for USA, and "China P.R." for China.)

          save the notepad as team/nation.ddt (the ddt bit on the end is the most important part.... just type that in), just copy like in the pic below including putting the file type to 'all files'. The bit of the name before the dot is just for recognition. Name "as you like.ddt"

          then put that file in CProgram Files\Eidos\CM 03-04\data\db
          like the pic below......

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            good old Ruud, what a mod


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              CM 03/04 List of questions asked previously in this thread.

              On network games:

              Originally posted by simonee14
              Do you need any patches installed cos i have tried with some mates and we have the same version but dont work
              Originally posted by mixafendis
              yeah, I think official patches fix some network game bugs. Also make sure u dont have any firewals running.

              On .ddt files:

              Originally posted by Fernandez
              What if its America?
              Originally posted by RP van Kasteren
              You would use "United States", like for El Salvador in the second pic.
              Originally posted by Zlatan
              ok, ok now let me get this straight: if I type: "RETAIN_PLAYERS" "Comunicaciones" and save it as comunicaciones.ddt, then I get Fredy William Thompson plus a bunch of other players playing for Comunicaciones
              Originally posted by RP van Kasteren
              Yes, it would. The name of the file isn't very important (except the .ddt extension), but it can help you find out what it does.

              Originally posted by Drowning Pool
              how do u retain ppl from a nation? does that el salvador think only retain the national team? or all players of that nationality? i wanna retain brazilian players coz great prospects like Dagoberto etc are all left out in med DB
              Originally posted by RP van Kasteren
              All players of that nationality are retained. So you'd use "Brazil", and find some 70 players that carry the name "Ronaldo"...
              Loosely after Glorious Fan's question
              How do you get out of holiday mode if you want to?
              Loosely after Tom's reply, plus I added a bit
              You can set a return date before going into holiday mode. To return early, depress the spacebar when the game is processing matches.
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                yea I was wondering the same thing

                how to connect to different people even if they are firewalled

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                  Best option I could think of: Don't host, but join a game...


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                    We now have a new solution for network games behind firewalls, thanks to anfield shadows:

                    To be able to host a network game from a firewalled PC, either software or hardware, you need to open up the following ports:

                    TCP: 9094
                    UDP: 9093

                    Originally posted by anfield_shadows
                    Opening ports on your Windows XP firewall:

                    1. Navigate to My network places
                    2. Right click your internet connection(for example, LAN- connection 1). Select Properties.
                    3. Click the 'advanced' tab, select settings.
                    4. Select the 'services' tab.
                    5. Click the 'add' button, in the lower left corner.
                    6. Enter a description of the program(CM), type your ip number, and enter 9094 in both the external and the internal port number boxes, make sure the TCP box is ticked.
                    7. Repeat 6, but now enter 9093 in the external and internal port number boxes, make sure the UDP box is ticked. Now click the 'ok' button.
                    8. Make sure both new created services(CM) are ticked in the 'services tab'. Now click ok.
                    To free the ports on a router firewall, browse to your router's IP address, and free traffic on both ports from there.
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                      'How To' CM/SG Help Thread

                      yea I was wondering the same thing

                      how to connect to different people even if they are firewalled.


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                        How To CM/SG Help Thread

                        Hey guys,

                        Ive constantly got 3-6 players on my team, which im strugling with selling. I want to sell them as I can buy better players from their value, even 60-70 of their value.

                        They range from 22-30, so age shouldnt be the issue. I set them transfer listed to about 60-70 of their initial value ....

                        .... how do I sell them?

                        .... and how do you sell the players you want to get rid of?