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01/02 Memory error

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  • 01/02 Memory error

    Alrite lads?

    trying to install 01/02 on my xp comp for the first time for a bit of old skool action, but I keep getting an out of memory error when starting a new game. How the hell do I fix this. Apparently you can do something with qfixapp which is apparently in the windows application compatibilty toolkit, but I've downloaded the toolkit and I'm damned if I can find it. Any ideas?

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    I had that same error. My way of solving it was to install win98 on a seperate partition of my hard disk. Not a very convenient way, but I couldn't find any other way myself.


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      meh the hell with that. just went out and bought fm07 instead. gonny b skint again, this being a student business isn't all its cracked up to be you know


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        if you're still interested, search on the SICommunity forums, i'd expect theyll have someone asking the same thing.

        CM0102 > FM07 on laptops.

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