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Problem with 03/04 need help

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  • Problem with 03/04 need help

    not sure if everyone has this problem but when i play the game my computer makes a really loud noise constantly and seems like it is overheating...

    can anyone offer some help please????

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    I don't remember that ever happening, sorry. Sounds a bit like a fan being clogged by dust, that's usually my problem, but I can't really diagnose it.


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      ah right cheers anyway man


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        I've had that problem with FM 06. Honestly, your laptop (it's a laptop right), just can't quite handle the game; play with a smaller database or less leagues running.

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          yeah a huge amount of people had problems with this. Just search "laptop" on the SI forums and im sure you'll see some annoyances.

          Unfortunately (as Dan said) it's simply because your laptop cant handle the processing within the game, which is annoying. Probably due to bad programming?

          Anyway, this was both a problem with CM03/04 and latterly, the FM series.

          My brother and my mate both changed back to CM01/02 when using their laptops, sorry bud, thats the only advice i can give.

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            thanks lads i will check the preferences of the game and may return to 01/02.

            thanks again