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Problem before season is starting

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  • Problem before season is starting

    Hi there !

    Following problem:

    Game: CM4
    Version: 4.0.4

    I just played my first pre-season with WSK (Austria, 2nd league) and now I'm on my first league match day.

    When I want to proceed to the game a pop-up appears. It says that there will be a squad number selection screen after clicking on OK. And so there is.
    I can now see my squad of 21 players including their numbers. When I proceed once more another pop-up comes up which asks for a confirmation.

    When I confirm I don't get on the match screen but back again on the squad screen... I tried it several times but it's always the same procedure.

    Sometimes I get back on my squad list, sometimes I see the squad list including the player's numbers(can be also edited) and sometimes I just get a blank screen with "Squad numbers to be decided" or so as a headline (but I can't see the players. Only if I click on "Proceed to game" 5 - 10 more times, I see the players again...)

    Anyone got that problem too ?

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    Hmm, long time I played Cm4/Cm03/04. Has everybody got a number? if not, then it's obvious.

    I think I can remember, after you confirmed, you would go back to the squad number selection and you have to press continue (or whatever is there) again.
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      Seems not to work...

      When I click on continue I come back to the suqad list. It's just like a loop...

      My suqad numbers are set, but the application always opens the "Deice suqad numbers" screen again. Although there isn't any player how needs a number anymore... everyone has got his number.