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  • Weird

    Why is hardly anyone writing on here
    -Kwik Silva 44!

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    It is strange - it's one of the biggest selling games so far this year in Britain but no one's talking about it. Except on the official forum of course


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      So is this Manager game better than TCM ?


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        in my experience it is far far better than TCM

        it seems to have the extra level of realism that for me was always lacking on TCM

        in terms of people not talking about it

        it is always the same when a new forum is launched in an already established community

        unfortuntaely without a few dedicated people creating some really original therads about the game, then the problems will continue

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          Yeah - it outsells TCM easily in the UK but with regulars talking about it on here the forum is always going to be quiet.

          Compare this with the official forum:

 (258000 posts so far) and it's a bit different...


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            -Kwik Silva 44!


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              Console Wise which is a diferrent league to the PC League, LMA is much more stylish, sexy,realistic and overall its better. Last LMA i bought in 2003 for my x-box, but the next two years i bought TCM and it really is not good at all, TCM 2005 was allright but console wise in footy management i ened up playing LMA 2003 just last week instead of playing the latest titles, and lookingat these 2006 LMA videos and screenshots i am pleased , have you seen how good looking this stuff is, lots of imporvements overall everywhere, i advise you go to those forums, cuz LMA is on my wishlist

              comin out october 2005
              You'll Never Walk Alone


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       can't wait!