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  • Bugspotting

    Well, not I've got a bit further into the game I'm starting to notice a few iritating bugs, or atleast what I think are bugs. My version of the game is completely up to date with the patch, yet these things occur regularly.

    Hence I made this thread as a place to post any bugs you find.

    The first major one I found can be seen in this screenshot:

    It happen's everytime, and I suspect it could lead to much greater implications, such a the board always being happy and never sacking a manager or managers getting totally unfair press. It was me who lost 1-0 btw.

    I also noticed that in one of my games, an opponent picked up two yellow cards but was not taken off the pitch. On the tactics screen it said he had been, but he wasnt and there was nothing about it on the overview.

    I also found that sometimes, when I paused the game and made substitutes, they quite often didnt happen, I dont know whether I am doing it wrong or not, but watch out for this.

    All in all, quite worrything things, will post more as I find them.
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    Other perculiarities which may be bugs or may be coincidence or caused by my PC:

    - Crashes real easy - those damn Messenger Service popups have a habit of crashing the game and so do some other popups, and once it's crashed its damn difficult to close down and start again.

    - Missing penalties like hell, may be coincidence, but I've had four penalties so far and the goalies' saved them all.

    - Loads of own goals, I'm seeing two or three a match sometimes, seems very realistic.

    - Proportion of long to short injuries, doesnt seem to be many injuries but the ones that do appear seem to all be 1 month+

    Will report back with future findings.


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      Ok so the transfer offers:
      - improved offers are lower than original ones
      - non-negotiable offers get lowered responses in stead of being rejected