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CM5 is pathetic

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    Yeah, looks to me like the data research hasnt extended beyond looking at the squadlists on the club websites.


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      Only for (English) top teams. For other teams, they only have the names correct for the 1st team players.

      Even the top teams have loads of generic contractable players.


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        Originally posted by rpvankasteren
        I take 3 full points off for the data alone. Even the EA data is way better.
        It seems like they randomized the data 98% of the time, and half of the players in the data base are wrong position.
        Not to mention even some of the NATIONAL teams have squads from the 90's, with players who no longer play.

        The only thing I do give credit to Eidos for is for having balls to release this.
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          Yeah, but while the match engine and databases are major let downs, even you must admit that the speed and tactics engines are major good points, with everything else in between. Alright, maybe a 7 is a little generous, but definately a 6.


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            When I signed up with Club Brugge, the board said I had to battle bravely against relegation.


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              lol....the game is fu_cked up
              good thing i didn't buy it


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                How can cm5 be worse than cm03/04,
                cm5 is it is the latest shouldn't it be the improved version
                wat has happened


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                  FM 2005 is the improved version of CM 03/04. CM5 is a completely new game.


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                    Maybe we should make a forum wide announcement that CM 5 IS NOT THE SUCCESSOR OF CM 03/04

                    "Mijn hart is rood zwart rood met drie witte kruisjes in het midden"


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                      Originally posted by Zlatan
                      Maybe we should make a forum wide announcement that CM 5 IS NOT THE SUCCESSOR OF CM 03/04

                      ive done it about 30 times


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