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Ultimate Soccer Manager 98 Help!!!!!!!

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    does anyone know how to get the so called 8 season patch so the game doesn't crash in 2006?


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      Hi guys, Im a newb but this post got me to register.

      I see there has been no update since 2008? surely someone has been able to update the db to the latest players over the last few years?

      Im looking into what this would take, it would be possible but would be a lengthy process unless we could somehow get hold of the source code or sierra somehow bring out a program release. The trouble is that the database isnt easliy accessible, and that you have to use either the inbuilt or 3rd party updater, both of which are a little clumsy.

      All i need to do in theory is export an entire list of teams and players, update them in a CSV and then reimport using the 3rd party updater tool.

      For those who havent seen this website,, this is very good single point of information for all things USM98

      have fun and be great to hear any body that understands the programming side of USM.



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        Hello guys

        Im also a huge fan of the series and am hoping that there will be plans for a brand new one sportswear .


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          How much I loved this game!


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