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A bright idea for FIFA 15 on PS4 (Online career mode)

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  • A bright idea for FIFA 15 on PS4 (Online career mode)

    Hey guys!

    I have something that might be of interest to those who plan to purchase FIFA 15 on the PS4. This is something that combines all the next-gen ethics of your average career mode, and metamorphs that with the ability to play competitively online in a 1v1 league with a facility for transfers.

    I have created about 8 of these websites for the last 8 titles of FIFA, the most active members I had playing was 32 players, in 2 leagues of 16 with a promotion/relegation facility.

    Just some of the things you can expect from FIFA15PRO (I cannot advertise the website here directly, but please message me if you're interested.)
    • A warming, kind, helpful and friendly community
    • 2 leagues of 8 (16) teams to start with, with a promotion/relegation facility.
    • (STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION BUT LOOKS PERDY!) A forum with a chatbox where you can view squads of teams, negotiate friendlies and matchday games, negotiate transfers either for player swaps or cash, view and watch your transfer budget soar/decrease as you make deals only Real Madrid could dream of making!
    • View the latest transfers in rumour mill!

    The teams available at this time are:
    • Liverpool
    • Tottenham Hotspur (A great team if i do say so myself)
    • Atletico Madrid
    • Barcelona
    • Bayern Munich
    • Borussia Dortmund
    • Napoli
    • AC Milan
    • Juventus
    • Paris St-Germain
    • AS Monaco
    • Manchester United
    • Manchester City

    We aim to start a week after the release of FIFA 15 once we know Overalls and all the material facts. We will have to update squads as and when they come out, and re-transfer the players back onto the team, but you will always have a log of this via the FIFA15PRO forum.

    If you want to be a part of this, message me and I shall send you the link for the website. Also, add my PSN id YIDDO_CHAZ so we can have a chat about what you need to know and how it all works. Im keen to hear from anybody who has done this sort of thing (Father Ted) before so we can look at hiring some moderators

    One love