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  • GoKickoff

    Great free online game with medium-slow pace for those of us who have other things to do. Entirely fictional universe of players, so knowledge of contemporary players does not give an advantage. To start, I recommend registering for 2 or 3 teams in your nation, pick the best one, and forget about the others (playing multiple teams is against the rules, but registering for more than one is okay for now). Main forums are English language, but many languages are available. No download required.

    Premium accounts will be added in February, which are going to be available for free to current active players, so join quick:

    GOKICKOFF home page

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    The game definitely peaks my interest, do you play in soccer games at all, or is it just based on the strategic level of the team you build and manage? Can you join other peoples team if your not the manager type or is just create your own? Would be cool to find out more about the "commitment" level of the game, I hate getting into a game and then losing interest half way through.


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