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    Hey, I'm just here to tell you about Trophymanager. It is a free football management game, and a very good one. It is fairly new, only been around for a couple years. I've played hattrick for a while and manager zone, and footstar for a fair while, but honestly, none of them are as interesting, fun, and challenging as Trophymanager. They are all different games, and good in their own right. But TM is an example of what happens when the creators love football, and want to play the best game possible. It really has a lot of simple features to boot that you would have to pay for on other games. Then, if you want, you can pay for even more enhancing features (none which give you an advantage, just insanely addictive), such as the assistant manager, which is something fantastic if you don't have a lot of time (Quickly gives you detailed anylysis of you opponents, and your team.

    One of the best things, are the creators of this game. Everyday are working to improve the game, fix bugs, ban cheaters, and come up with new innovative ideas to make the game even better. In between that all, they find time to listen to users suggestions, idea, and queries. They were even comfortable advertising Hattrick banners, because they know that once you join, nothing else really matches it again.

    I would be sitting here all day If I was to list the great features, but I will list a few of my favorites.

    Individual Player potential
    A lot of facilities you can upgrade and use (including the ever talked about youth development).
    An ever improving match engine.
    Detailed scout reports from scouts if you hire any.
    In-game forums, that are very active.
    125 Countries represented, so it almost guaranteed that your country will be there, rather than having to play in another country.
    Along with a national cup, there are continental cups.

    I stopped playing all other football management games a year ago (other than FM of course), and have not looked back. What have you got to lose by trying it out? Absolutely nothing, If I haven't convinced you to sign up and have a go, I don't know what will .

    If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.

    Great emoticons by the way . Brilliant .

    Link: Click Here
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